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Anywhere at all?

  It’s about destinations, adventures and the hard-won travel nuggets gathered away from home.

As a guide and former owner and manager of several adventure travel operations, I have seen many things from my privileged position: many amazing, some not so great, and some omg-bad.

I aim to make your travel more joy and less fret. 

Anywhere At All is about stimulating, sustainable, adventurous travel. 


The Idea

 Years ago, a friend asked me where I wanted to go next and reflexively I responded, anywhere at all.

Lightbulb Moment: was born.


Adventure Travel

I love adventurous travel that challenges me physically and mentally. Often, you find these experiences off-the-beaten-trail but so, too, you can find them in the more frequented destinations if you dig in a bit.

To have amazing travel experiences, strangely, the first prerequisite is you have to leave the knowing comforts of your home. I mean, you can’t just sit at home and wonder about it all. Equally, you shouldn’t rely on the experience of others to inform you of your world, or any place for that matter. Nothing is better than your own direct experience. And, you have to make travel your priority. Once that decision has been made, your journey will write itself.

So why not travel in search of the phenomenal, the sublime and the transformational?

Sustainable Travel— Love of People & Planet

 We can minimize our physical and cultural impacts when we travel. Often, the physical destination pulls us in but it’s the experience with people where we get a lot of our rich experiences.

Call it travel with purpose in search of transformation. 

Travel Stories

Travel should be fun, indeed it can be a smorgasbord of good times. Many times I’ve got so immersed in my destination that I forget to think about home at all. It’s kind of a weird, out-of-sight / out-of-mind thing where I don’t think about home until I start my journey homeward. I guess that proves that, despite loving my home, I’m not a traveler who gets homesick. 

Yet, travel encompasses many, many different genres and moments. Many are great, some are run-of-the-mill and some are just plain horrendous. And somehow the horrendous ones often get the most attention, the most traction. There seems to be a part in us that is attracted to drama, to when things go sideways. 


Wild Times

Explore your wild side

It’s not every day that you get a chance to see something new, to experience something fresh, to explore a new culture. So, here’s hoping that this site will inspire you to grow, learn and explore.  


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